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GB3/4 Axis CNC Mach3 Kit Nema23 76mm stepper motor Dual shaft+driver+24V power

GB3/4 Axis CNC Mach3 Kit Nema23 76mm stepper motor Dual shaft+driver+24V power

GB3/4 Axis CNC Mach3 Kit Nema23 76mm stepper motor Dual shaft+driver+24V power
Germany to European Union Customers. Dual shaft 3/4 Axis nema23 76mm CNC stepper motor+Md430 driver+350W 24V power. 3 x TB6560 MD430 single axis driver. 3 x 23HS8430B stepper motor (Dual shaft 270 Oz-in 3.0A/76mm length). 1 x 350W 24V/10A switching power supply. 1 x 5 axis breakout board.

1 x DB25 parallel cable. 4 x TB6560 MD430 single axis driver. 4 x 23HS8430B stepper motor (Dual shaft 270 Oz-in 3.0A/76mm length). TB6560 MD430 Low noise of stepper motor driver.

MD430 is a compact single axis bipolar 3.0A/phase stepper motor microstepping driver with step and direction inputs, DIP switch settable step mode (full, half, eight and sixteenth--S3/S4), torque (100%, 75%, 50%, 20%--S5/S6), work current (0-3A--SW1/SW2/SW3) and decay mode (0%, 25%, 50% and 100%). 1 Single-chip motor driver for sinusoidal microstep control of stepping motors. 2 Power on in indication led. 3 3Amps-34Volts(Supply voltages:12-34DC). 4 Full step, half step, eight step and sixteenth step(selection with dipswitches). 5 Torque (100%, 75%, 50%, 20%). 6 Work Current (0-3A selection with SW1/SW2/SW3). 7 4 Wire, 6 Wire, 8 Wire stepper motors can be used. 8 Two phases bipolar driver. 9 Easy wiring with standard screw terminals. 10 Step frequency up to 100khz.

11 Fuse protection on power supply rail(protects the board, but also your power supply and motor). Suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized automation equipment and apparatus For example, laser machines, laser engraving &cutting machine, laser subsurface engraving machine, laser handicraft cutting machine, (nonmetal materials) laser marking machine, laser seals engraving machine and photosensitive seal machine.

5 axis CNC Breakout board interface adapter board. 1, full support for MACH3, KCAM4, EMC2, the PC software to support parallel port control.

2, leads to all the parallel port of all 12 data transmission output pin, which can control the five stepper motor driver. 3, with 5-way input interface, you can access the limit switches and emergency stop switch, reset knife;5 input LED indicates the status of the input. 4, all the way with a 12A relay control, normally open, normally closed leads, user-friendly connection. 5, power supply with 5V USB power supply or external power supply to facilitate the access of external power supply;On the external drive enable signal amplification, filtering, enhancement processing. 6, the pulse, the direction of signal shaping, enhanced with a carrying capacity, data transmission speeds reach 10 MBit / S. 7, the output pin with extension interfaces can 2.54mm pin 2.54mmXH-Block. 1, the use of new imported Japanese Toshiba TB6560 chip (disguising). 2, The base used dense teeth radiator, cooling super, to ensure the stable operation of equipment. 3, the input signal using a high-speed opto-isolation to ensure not losing steps, which the pulse direction signals with the same level of 6N137, dual high-speed optocoupler. 4 a variety of semi-flow mode and the semi-flow current selection, the use of more flexible.

5, Decay mode is adjustable to ensure the motor running smooth. 6., Sophisticated appearance size cooling pad size: 75mm 65mm, four mechanical installation positioning hole size is: 67mm 58, mounting hole diameter is 4mm.

7, Set method detailed table on the board, easy to use. 8, With anti-reverse circuit, even if not careful the power plug back and will not burn the chip, the use of safer. Step angle accuracy:+ - 5%(full step, not load). Resistance accuracy: + - 10%.

Inductance accuracy:+ - 20%. Temperature rise: 80deg Max(rated current, 2 phase on). Ambient temperature -----------20deg ---- +50deg. Insulation resistance:100ohm Min, 500VDC. Insultion Strength--------500VAC for one minute.

350W 24V Switching power supply. 350W, Input:100-120VAC or 200-240VAC, 50/60Hz, Output:24v/14.5 A, single output switching power supply.

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  • Model: 3 Axis Mach3 Kit
  • Lead wire: 4PCS
  • Shaft Diameter: 8mm
  • Name: 3 axis CNC Mach3 stepper motor controller Kit
  • Driver board: MD430(TB6560), 3.5A,256 microstep
  • Holding Torque: 180Ncm/270 Oz-in
  • Motor Model/Size: 23HS8430B/57x57x76mm
  • Phase: 2
  • Full Step Angle: 1.8° (200 Steps)
  • Breakout board: 5 Axis CNC breakout board
  • Power supply: 350W,24V/10A
  • Application: CNC Routers/Milling Machine, Engraver Machine
  • Current / Phase: 3A
  • Step Angle(degrees): 1.8deg
  • Brand: RATTM MOTOR

GB3/4 Axis CNC Mach3 Kit Nema23 76mm stepper motor Dual shaft+driver+24V power