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GB-3/4 Axis Nema23 Stepper Motor Driver 425oz-in 112mm&Power USB CNC Control Kit

GB-3/4 Axis Nema23 Stepper Motor Driver 425oz-in 112mm&Power USB CNC Control Kit

GB-3/4 Axis Nema23 Stepper Motor Driver 425oz-in 112mm&Power USB CNC Control Kit
Germany to European Union Customers. 3/4 Axis USB CNC Controller Kit NEMA23 Dual shaft Stepper Motor 425oz-in 112mm. 3 / 4 Axis 23HS2430B stepper motor (Dual Shaft) 425Oz-in, 112mm Length. 3 / 4 Axis FMD2740C stepper motor driver. 1 x 400W 36V/9.7A switching power supply. 1 x 4 axis USBCNC breakout board. New 3 /4 aixs USBCNC NEMA23 425oz-in, 112mm, 3A (Dual shaft) stepper motor CNC kit.

4 Axis USBCNC breakout board. 1.1 Products brief introduction.

USBCNCV4.0 is a high performance motion controller which based on PC software USBCNC control, the system can complete the conversion from G code to connect stepper motor's driver motion control signal without requiring any additional hardware and software. This control card is compatible with most stepper driver and servo driver, it is a perfect controller that instead of parallel Mach3 interface board. This interface board is based on USBCNC MK1 and just use in our provide software.

Can not support update the firmware and use other versions of the software and function. 1.2 Computer system requirement. 3 500MB free disk space.

4 DIRECTX9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver. 5 USB 2.0 interface. 6 Net FRAMEWORK 3.5SP1.

3 1G free disk space. After the revision, V4 version using the red PCB board, PCB size is 135.382.5mm. The front of the narrow edge placed with USB communication interface and DB9 hand control interface for the convenience of customers drawn from the case panel directly. The back-end of narrow edge is power input and output interface and 3 relay output interface; relay is strong interference source, relay away from the design of main control chip, it is conducive to the stability of the board. One of the two wide sides is stepper motor and principal axiscontrol signal output.

The another side of two wide sides is the emergency stop, manual speed input, limiting input interface; one side for the input, another side output connection mode is simple and convenient. 5V and 12V power module compact independence, security, stability.

External ensure the stability of the system work effectively with crystal active and main control chip shield. Outline dimension is 135.382.5mm, product positioning hole installment dimension is 12775mm.

The software is USBCNC, not mach3, can't use Mach3 software. This item is easy to operate for DIY hobby user, but it is control by USB port, so need more careful for the software install, and pls must be strict read the user manual and follow us. FMD2740C driven by Japanese sanyo's chip, After multiple optimize R & D and production of high-subdivision 2-phase stepper motor drives, suitable for driving small and medium-sized phase current is less than 4A 2-phase or 4-phase hybrid stepping motor. Due to the adoption of the new bipolar constant current chopper drive technology, using the same motor can output more speed and power than other drivers. Segments stepper motor running accuracy improved, reduces vibrations and noise reduction. Bipolar constant current chopping mode. Power supply voltage 12 to 50VDC. High-speed optocoupler signal isolation input. Electrical input signal is TTL compatible. Stationary current is automatically reduced by half.

Shape design is convenient for installation. Maximum drive current is 4A.

Drive any 4A phase current of 2-phase or 4-phase hybrid stepping motor. Suitable for a variety of small and medium-sized automation equipment and instruments, for example: Small engraving machine, SMT machine, etc. NOTE: This drive does not contain anti-anti-interpolation circuit so non-input positive and negative power supply upside down!

Otherwise it will damage the drive! 2.5, The electrical characteristics. 2.6, The use of the environment and parameters. 2.7, Mechanical installation size. The supply voltage can work normally in between DC12V-50V, FMD2740C driver can use ordinary switch DC power supply, can also be used for transformer and the bridge rectifier and filter capacitor, capacitance desirable 2000U to 5000U.

Note rectified voltage ripple crest does not exceed 50V. Recommended the user to use the 24V-32V DC supply, avoid the grid fluctuations over drive voltage operating range.

1, Wiring should pay attention to the power of positive and negative Do not be reversed. 2, In order to reduce costs, multiple drives can share a power supply. But it should improve the rated power and rated output current of the power and attention to cooling. 2.9, Attenuation of the DIP switch settings. 2.10, Subdivision DIP switch settings. 2.11, Current DIP switch settings. 2.12, Drive motor controller wiring diagram. The FMD2740C driver can drive all current 4A 4-wire, 6-wire or 8-wire 2-phase / 4-phase motors, are detailed below 4-wire, 6-wire, 8 wire stepper motor connection. 2.14, Matching of the drive and motor.

FMD2740C driver can drive the domestic and foreign manufacturers of 2-phase or 4-phase motor, in order to obtain the most satisfactory driving, you need to choose a reasonable supply voltage and current setting. Supply voltage determines the level of the high-speed performance of the motor, and the current set value determines the output torque of the motor.

Generally speaking, the higher the supply voltage, the greater the torque motor at high speed, the more it can avoid the high speed out. But another aspect, the voltage is too high will lead to over-voltage protection, and can even damage the drive, but also in the high-pressure work, low speed vibrations.

The output current is set. For the same motor, the greater the current setting, the higher speed, the current motor and drive more heat. So under normal circumstances the current setting into a powered machine warm but not too hot long-term value.

Note: the current settings after you run the motor for 15-30 minutes, if the motor temperature is too high, you should reduce the current settings. If the motor current setting, the motor output torque is not enough to improve heat dissipation conditions to ensure that the motor and drive are not hot. Nema23 Dual Shaft 112mm 425oz-in, 3A Stepper Motor. Step Angle: 1.8 degree. Number of wire leads: 4. Step angle accuracy:+ - 5%(full step, not load). Resistance accuracy: + - 10%.

Inductance accuracy:+ - 20%. Temperature rise: 80deg Max(rated current, 2 phase on). Ambient temperature -----------20deg ---- +50deg.

Insulation resistance:100ohm Min, 500VDC. Insultion Strength--------500VAC for one minute.

This product also has a single shaft for choice, the need to invite the message. 400W, Input:100-120VAC or 200-240VAC, 50/60Hz, Output:48v/8.3A, single output switching power supply. Embroidery machine, stage lighting, textile automation, printing.

Please give us the opportunity to resolve any problem when you have, we concern your problem and we will try our best to resolve it. When you have the parcel, and not satisfied the goods or it is other problem like as broken, pls tell us the detail reason and provide the photos.

Item must be in it's original condition and no physical damage. Customer's satisfaction is very important to us.

GB-3/4 Axis Nema23 Stepper Motor Driver 425oz-in 112mm&Power USB CNC Control Kit