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EU-3/4 Axis Nema23 Stepper Motor CNC Mach3 Controller Kit, 270oz-in 76mm &Driver

EU-3/4 Axis Nema23 Stepper Motor CNC Mach3 Controller Kit, 270oz-in 76mm &Driver

EU-3/4 Axis Nema23 Stepper Motor CNC Mach3 Controller Kit, 270oz-in 76mm &Driver
Germany to European Union Customers. 3x TB6600 stepper motor driver (white). 1x Mach3 USB Motion Card STB4100 V2.1. 1x 350W 24V switching power supply. 4x TB6600 stepper motor driver (white). Step angle accuracy:+ - 5%(full step, not load). Resistance accuracy: + - 10%.

Inductance accuracy:+ - 20%. Temperature rise: 80deg Max(rated current, 2 phase on). Ambient temperature -----------20deg ---- +50deg. Insulation resistance:100ohm Min, 500VDC.

Insultion Strength--------500VAC for one minute. Support for 4-axis linkage, you can connect four stepper motor drives or servo drives. Maximum step-pulse frequency is 100KHz, which is suitable for the servo or stepping motor. 4 general-purpose opto-couplers isolation input : can connect the limit switch, emergency stop.

Switch, auto tool zero, home switch etc. Support for connecting electronic handwheel. Have 0-10V signal output, you can use mach3 software to control the spindle motor speed. 4 general-purpose isolated relay drive output interface, can drive four relays for controlling. The spindle starts, forward rotating and reverse rotating, pumps or other device. 1 status LED, indicate connection status on the board.

Mach3 USB Motion Card STB4100 V2.1. Dat" from "mach3 software folder, to C:\Mach3 Cover the. Original file, Reset Computermust reset the computr, please don't open the software dircetly! Way above the license for DIY or study purposes only, not for commercial use. Installation the software of the USB motion card.

This USB motion card does not need install any USB driver, Windows2000/XP/Windows7, can. 1.3.1 Connecting the USB cable to the PC and the motion card.

The first installation of motion control card, take about 10s, when the green led lights on motion. Control card, indicating that the connection is successful, return the following tips when you. The output current is steplessly adjustable to meet your various application requirements.

It is also equipped with an automatic half-flow switch, which is easy to use. Use 6N137 high-speed optical lotus to ensure high speed without losing step. The subdivision setting instructions are printed on the back of the board. Adopt enlarged radiator, good heat dissipation. With output short-circuit protection function, worry-free use.

Adopting the common anode input mode, there are two input terminals, the wiring is more convenient. The working voltage is DC 10V-45V. It is recommended to use switching power supply DC32V for power supply.

Adopt 6N137 high-speed optical lotus root to ensure high speed without losing step. Using Toshiba's new high-current, high-voltage TB6600HG brand new original chip, with low-voltage shutdown, overheating shutdown and over-current protection circuits, and short-circuit protection added compared to TB6560. The rated maximum output reaches: ±4.5A. Suitable for 42, 57, 86 two-phase/four-phase/four-wire/six-wire stepper motors within 4.2A. Subdivision: full step, half step, 1/4 step, 1/8 step, 1/16 step, maximum 16 subdivisions.

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  • colour: 3 Axis Kit
  • Step Angle(degrees): 1.8
  • Brand: RATTM MOTOR
  • Current / Phase: 3A
  • Holding torque: 425 oz-in
  • Breakout board: Mach3 USB Motion Card STB4100 V2.1
  • Model: 23HS8430/TB6600
  • Power supply: 350W 24V switching power supply
  • Motor size: 57x57x76mm
  • Application: Milling Machine, Engraver
  • Name: 3 axis / 4 axis CNC stepper motor

EU-3/4 Axis Nema23 Stepper Motor CNC Mach3 Controller Kit, 270oz-in 76mm &Driver